Yannis Varoufakis: The Marxist Ex-Finance Minister of Greece Wants $60,000 for Speeches Outside of Europe (and Business Class Flights)


Want to book Yanis Varoufakis to speak at your next event or conference? Well, if you’re an organization outside of Europe, the speech by the self-professed Marxist will set you back £40,000. That’s about $60,000 if you haven’t clicked your UK pound to dollar conversation app yet to figure it out yourself.

And that’s not all, according to a story in Greece’s Proto Thema newspaper. Varoufakis also requires “business class travel, accommodation, airport and ground transfers, meals and incidentals”.

The newspaper cited an email it received from a booking agent at the London Speaker Bureau, which claimed to represent Varoufakis, who at the time did appear on their speakers list in the “Politicians” category but has since been removed. The newspaper did capture a screenshot— apparently before Varoufakis’ name was removed from the list.

Screenshot from Proto Thema (originally from London Speakers Bureau)

Screenshot from Proto Thema (originally from London Speakers Bureau)

If you’re in Europe, don’t fret— the rates to hire the ex-finance minister for your gig are much lower. Mr Varoufakis will speak anywhere inside Europe for $5,000 (£3,000) – and he will give a university lecture for $1,500 (£1,000).

The London Speaker Bureau declined to confirm or deny whether these were indeed the fees that Mr Varoufakis was charging. “The speakers always tailor the payment depending on the nature of the event, the duration and the travel required,” said a spokesman in London to the newspaper in Greece. “Mr Varoufakis was a senior person in the Greek government and he would clearly command an attractive speaker fee. At the moment, he is very much in demand.”

The newspaper in Greece didn’t mince their words.

“The man who contributed to the Greek economy’s catastrophe by obstructing talks with international creditors and leading the country to capital controls is making a mint,” Proto Thema wrote.

The newspaper report didn’t say whether Mr. Varoufakis would speak in one of his signature colorful shirts that he was known to wear on the floor of the Greek parliament or during his many international appearances.




  1. He is an example of a total jerk! He was out to make himself look good while the average Greek suffers in this economy. Like he did something big. He is a classic example of a bully. A bully who only looks after himself! A bully he was and a jerk he will always be. Just like Tsipras he is making all of Greece look bad while he tries to make money off the average Greek! A jerk of all jerks! Shame on you! This is a classic example of what the top 1/3 do. They steal from Greece and take their money out of Greece and live in a lap of luxury in NYC, London, Paris, etc. In turn, the average Greek suffers now in Greece. They dont have the luxury or the money to go overseas. The average Greek now has no job or their son has no job and giagia and papou are suffering. Yannis is not! He stole from Greece! If the government of Greece represents all of Greece versus a select few, than Greece will not be suffering the way it is now economically. What the Greek government needs to is review Giannis his tax returns! The problem is that the rich in Greece and the professionals in Greece as in doctors, lawyers and rich business people do not pay any taxes! Repeat, they do not pay taxes!

    I guarantee you that Yannis stole from the Greeks! Repeat, he stole money from the Greeks! He is a jerk if there is one! Jerk! Jerk! Jerk! Shame on you and your family! He was a self serving politician who like the top 1/3 dont pay taxes to the Greek government! He is a classic example where he was NOT representing the people of Greece. He was representing himself. He was a corrupt politician. It is one thing to get on the speakers circuit. It is your right to do anything you want. However, I guarantee you that Yannis and his cohorts in the Greek government do not pay any, any taxes! He stole from the Greek people! I want to see his tax returns for the last 1/2/4/6 years! Show us your tax return Yannis. Tell us you are clean because you are one dirty politician!

  2. And Proto Thema of course is one of the most reliable, accurate, non corrupted media in Greece.. NOT
    What a rubbish, partial, ill informed, piece of yellow pseudo journalism you are redistributing. Tells a lot about your site too

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