(Video) Villagers in Snowy North Greek Town Open Church During Liturgy to Cold Refugees


It was snowing in the northern Greek village of Lagina in the region of Soufli when approximately 40 Syrian refugees arrived there on foot at the local town square on Sunday morning, January 3, 2016. Included were about a dozen infants being carried in the arms of parents.

Faros24 News captured the incident on video as the refugees arrived into town. The story has spread across the Greek social media and news networks like wildfire.

Locals rushed to their aid and guided them into the village church to protect them from the elements while liturgy was going on.

Locals said that church staff and parishioners rushed to bring them bread from the altar and bottles of water and the family that was hosting a memorial service for a deceased loved one that day offered the refugees small loaves of bread that were reserved for family members after the memorial.

Villagers soon arrived with blankets and warm clothing, and more food. Eventually the authorities arrived, also with blankets and food, and took the refugees to a local reception center for registration.




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