(Video) Shocking Anti-Semetic Rant by Greek Orthodox Monk at Athens Demonstration: Warned Jews of a Greek Hitler that Might Come


A demonstration in central Athens on February 7th attended by thousands of people included a speech by a controversial Greek Orthodox monk named Methodios, who warned Jews that they should be careful of a Greek Hitler that could emerge.

The demonstration included numerous speeches by anti-European Union speakers who called for Greece to say “no” to foreign money, intervention and called for a return to Greek traditions, faith and heritage. Much of the anti-globalization rhetoric was greeted with applause by the thousands who participated in the demonstration.

The monk said in his remarks that “all of those who fell in the name of faith and nation” are waiting for us to take back what belongs to Greece. He warned that

He continued that these foreigners should “leave us alone” and then switched his rage towards Jews— saying that “we don’t need their money” and that if Jews complained that Hitler killed them, they should be careful that a Greek Hitler doesn’t rise one day.

Methodios is a controversial monk who was affiliated with an estranged monastery on Mt. Athos called Esphigmenou. He is at odds with the Greek government, as well as the official Church of Greece over various disputes. He has also been distanced from the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

Numerous calls for his defrocking have gone unanswered and although he doesn’t represent the official voice of the Church of Greece, he is still permitted to speak publicly, wearing his robes as a cleric and sharing his controversial views. As is seen by the audience, he still commands a huge following.


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