(Video) Sen. John McCain: “Throw Turkish Ambassador the Hell Out of the United States”


Responding to incidents taking place in Washington DC during Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan’s official visit, U.S. Senator John McCain angrily called for the Turkish Ambassador to be “thrown the hell out of the United States.”

Members of the Turkish President’s security detail broke through police lines during a peaceful demonstration outside the Turkish Embassy and attacked protestors.

Demonstrators included representatives from American Armenian, Kurdish and Greek communities, protesting Erdogan’s visit to the White House.

The scuffle attracted international attention as videos from the incident went viral on social media.



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  1. Danny Drossis on

    While I don’t agree with Mcain in a lot of issues this one he is head on , throw out the Turkish ambassador , show the world we don’t condone such action on our land ,We are a cevilized people and democratic country.

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