(Video) Arianna Huffington Harsh on European Lenders; Troika Has Made it Difficult to Find Solution


Arianna Huffington, founder and president of The Huffington Post chimed in on the Greek debt crisis, discussing the nation of her birth, during an interview with Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu. She criticized the Troika— the three institutions that are currently negotiating with Greece, blaming them for not being able to come up with a solution.

Watch the video on Bloomberg TV here.


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  1. Who’s cares what Arianna the Opportunist thinks? She married a gay man and got lots of money from him when he publically came out – now she’s a “big thinker” that we all adore! Maybe she should worry about the financial situation of all the bloggers she used and subsequently never rewarded when stupid AOL bought her Post. What a hypocritical phony!!

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