(Video) Angela Merkel’s Speech Shut Down by Anti-Austerity Protestors Shouting “No”; Responds with Greek “Nai”


German chancellor Angela Merkel was interrupted by anti-austerity protesters siding with the current Greek government on Saturday while speaking at a reception held on behalf of her party’s 70th anniversary in Berlin.

As Merkel commenced her welcome note at the headquarters of Germany’s Christian Democratic Union Party (CDU), demonstrators started a chant of “Oxi” – the Greek for “No” – signalling their support for a “No” vote in Sunday’s Greek referendum on whether to accept international creditor demands in return for a bailout.

Standing at the lecturn, Merkel responded by saying “to even things out, I’d like to say ‘Nai’, which means ‘Yes’ in Greek”.
The German Chancellor then received a round of applause, looking rather pleased with her quick-witted response.

The exclusive video provided to the England’s Telegraph is here:


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