Taking our Proper Place in History


When we set out to organize the 2013 Gabby Awards in Hollywood a few years ago, we were challenged with the idea that we had just come off the Ellis island experience with more than a thousand people emerging from the weekend experience completely transformed, moved and changed for ever.

The whole experience of being at the 2011 Gabby Awards in New York City– of being in the very hall where our parents or grandparents walked through on their way to becoming Americans– and seeing their images on the giant screen that we built when we transformed the space into a massive theater… It was quite awe-inspiring.

The challenges of going to Hollywood were many– but with the most dedicated team of staff, volunteers and supporters, we are ready (literally) to roll out the red carpet for you– and take our rightful place in history.

Greeks have impacted Hollywood since the very beginning– since before it became Hollywood. In fact, they helped it become Hollywood. Show business would not be what it is today without the impact of names like Skouras, Pantages and so many others. Their efforts, and those of others, will be represented and honored at the 2013 Gabby Awards.

This year, in addition to an epic awards show at a historic theater and an after party that will make Oscar himself blush, we are not only writing history in Greek America, but we are taking our rightful place in American history.

Guests ail experience the awarding of a Hollywood star on the Walk of Fame to one of our national treasures and get a chance to meet and see a dozen young filmmakers whose work will be shown at a special “Greek Night at the Movies” event.

We will also showcase an exhibition called the Greeks of Hollywood which will include more than 2-dozen never before seen photos from the set of the Oscar-winning film America America, taken fifty years ago by Costa Manos, who is today one of the world’s most important photographers. These photos have come straight out of the photographer’s darkroom and onto the walls of the El Capitan Theater for the entire world to see.

We conquered the unconquerable when Disney agreed to host their very own epic Greek-inspired weekend in tandem with the Gabby Awards weekend and yes, it’s true– Mickey Mouse will be in full foustanella attire throughout the entire weekend to show hundreds of thousands of visitors that indeed, real men do wear skirts.

I sincerely hope that you will consider being a part of history during the Gabby Awards weekend and attending our events, supporting our events– and if you cannot, donating to the Greek America Foundation so that we can take our rightful place in history.


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