Spreading Hope, One Dollar and One Event at a Time


I’ve just arrived in New York City where, in addition to spending hours walking the streets– a favorite pastime of mine– I will be attending three different events whose proceeds will benefit something near and dear to my heart– the people of Greece.

The Greek America Foundation launched Project Hope for Greece— an effort that brings support to transport and sustainable charities that are responding to the humanitarian crisis in Greece. Our efforts with Project Hope revolve around the building of a network of “Ambassadors of Hope” who are organizing fundraisers throughout the nation.

This concept spread like wildfire– Ambassadors signed up not only from throughout the nation, but in Canada, the UK and in Greece. An international movement was born. We now have on our hands, a critical mass of philanthropy, to benefit the people in Greece who need– and deserve it the most. (You can become an Ambassador and host an event too! Become an ambassador of hope here)

This weekend in New York, I’ll be attending events hosted by amazingly selfless people.

Evellyn Tsiadis- one of our community’s greatest and most dedicated philanthropists who continuously dedicates her time, her talents and her treasures to several charities, has organized an event in New Jersey. In addition to serving the children of St. Basil’s Academy, the Philoptchos of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese and the Daughters of Penelope– she finds time for the Greek America Foundation and has become one of our constants- one of our rocks.

On Sunday, I’ll be at one of my favorite restaurants in the world- Souvlaki.gr– which takes me back to my happy place (Mykonos) every time I go there to eat. This event is hosted by the restaurant’s owners, Tina and Niko Plagos and Kosta Plagos; together with their good friend Christopher Tsarnas- another rock of the Greek America Foundation.

I’ll be dancing on Sunday afternoon at this event dubbed “Mykonos in Manhattan.”

Finally, next Tuesday, thanks to the generosity of Lena and George Howard, whose 87th floor apartment stands taller than most of New York City and overlooks some of the most stunning scenery in the world, we will welcome one of Greece’s most talented and famous chefs, Argiro Barbarigou.

Argiro will cook for an elite audience of 14 people who are generously donating $1000 each for a seat at the table in one of NYC’s most amazing apartments, with a meal prepared table side by one of Greece’s most important culinary ambassadors.

I’m humbled by Lena and George’s hospitality, as well as Argiro’s support– as well as that of the guests who are generously attending this event.

In closing, while I’m in New York attending these events, other events are taking place or have talen place throughout the nation. New Mexico, Seattle- and tonight, two longtime supporters and friends from Baltimore are hosting their own Project Hope fundraiser. Nora Presti and Anthie Zairis are two local activists who have never said “no” to anything I have ever asked them to do.


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