(Photos) “Spartans” Disrupt Streets of Beijing; Arrested for Disturbing Social Order


Dozens of male models dressed as ancient Spartan warriors took to the streets of Beijing, China, for a publicity stunt orchestrated by a local food company seeking to promote healthy living and eating. Authorities didn’t take to well to dozens of “Greek warrior” invading the city’s streets and arrested the models.

Curious onlookers soon swarmed around the sandal-wearing, scantily-clad models, who “invaded” one of Beijing’s busiest shopping districts to promote Sweetie Salad, a local food delivery firm to promote “a nutritious diet and a healthy lifestyle”.

Curious onlookers soon turned into mobs of people and authorities saw this as a potential threat to the safety and security of the city and broke apart the gathering, arresting the Spartans.

spartans2 beijing

spartans1 spartans3 spartans4


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