Photo of the Day: Thank You People of Greece on a Fence at a Refugee Camp


Our reader Steve Statharos visited and toured a refugee camp in Katerini-Pieria in northern Greece. The attorney from New York City told us that there were about 300 people inside the camp including five pregnant women, a five-day old child and about 100 kids.

He’s experienced a lot of local goodness from Greeks in the region, taking food to the camp that is prepared by the residents and a local baker who brought a Syrian refugee to teach him how to bake Syrian-style bread and pies so the refugees felt more at home with familiar foods.

Thanks Steve for sharing this great photo— a memento left by one of the refugees to thank the people of Greece for their hospitality, especially during their own deep financial crisis.

Thank you to the people of Greece from a refugee.

Thank you to the people of Greece from a refugee.



  1. This is the area will be visiting this summer (Yiayia is near Katerini). While I am in the area, is there anything I can do to help? Is there a contact person? email? Phone? Thanks.

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