Photo of the Day: Honoring a Young Hero in Toronto


Members of the Cretan Association of Toronto gathered on Sunday morning to remember the heroes of the Battle of Crete— those brave Greeks who defended their homeland from a brutal Nazi invasion seventy five years ago.

But a modern-day hero was also honored— young Kostaki Papakonstantinou, who was presented for special commendation for his bravery during an incident a few months ago when he held on to a classmate who was stuck on a ski lift at Lakeridge Ski Resort in Canada.

The incident attracted international media attention as the video of the young boy dangling went viral. Kostaki held onto his classmate until rescuers below were able to form a human net to catch the boy. (See an interview with Kostaki from the incident here)

In the photo, Tony Lourakis, president of the Toronto Cretans presents Kostaki with a special recognition of his bravery— on a very fitting day when Kostaki’s family and others, gathered to remember their hero-ancestors from the Battle of Crete.

Modern day hero Kostaki Papakonstantinou

Modern day hero Kostaki Papakonstantinou


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