New Viral Sensation George Papageorgiou Prefers Greek Music over “Not Impressive” Beyonce


While thousands of adoring fans of pop diva Beyonce were jamming and dancing away at her concert in Raleigh, North Carolina— George Papageorgiou was… reading a book. But not just any book.

A concert goer named Michelle Gardner snapped a quick video of Papageorgiou and posted it in Twitter with the humorous caption “When your wife makes you go to a Beyonce concert with her” and the post went viral.

That’s right, while Beyonce was shaking her booty on stage, and he was reading a geography book in his native Greek language, he tells Inside Edition.

As Papageorgiou later explained to ABC News, he prefers other kinds of music, including Greek music, calling Beyonce’s live music “not that impressive.”


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