Matt Damon Transforms London Tube Station into Athens Metro for Film Shoot


Imagine the confusion, getting on the London tube and heading to Woolwich, just southeast of city— and ending up in Athens.

Commuters were baffled when they exited their trains at the Woolwich Arsenal DLR station to find signs in Greek and station names that came from the Greek capital of Athens, several thousand miles away.

No, you’re not drunk. Nor are you seeing things. Nor did you get on the wrong train.

You can blame Hollywood.

It seems Matt Damon and his crew for the latest Bourne installment were in town filming scenes for the same film that transformed Tenerife in the Canary Islands into Athens, as well.

Numerous British commuters turned to Twitter (where else, right?) to share their experiences.

See photos from Woolwich Station’s transformation into the Athens Metro:


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