Many of You Have Asked How to Help The Pappas Post: Here’s Your Opportunity


I have been repeatedly receiving wonderful messages from people around the world who each have their reasons for thanking me for the work we do with The Pappas Post.

Some people learn new things every day via the website, others have connected with long-lost family and friends through stories we share. Others cook with our recipes or plan their holidays around our posts about Greece’s numerous stunning destinations.

The bottom line is, we have done our best to make this one of your “go to” websites for anyone and everyone who loves Greece. “The world of Greece in English” is what I like to call it when someone asks me what The Pappas Post is all about.

After mulling over ways to expand, grow and add more diverse views to the publication, I realized that it all comes down to money. Server space, website updates, infrastructure, security, content creation— it all costs money.

And the truth is, you can continue reading, commenting and learning on this website, completely free of charge. But I have said it numerous times— I’ll never add a pay wall to the site, meaning, I will never make you have to pay for something I believe should be free.

I believe news and information that is critical to our growth and development as humans, who are living and thriving in a community, should have unfiltered, free and independent access to critical news and developments that shape that very community.

But of course, creating and maintaining a platform for news and relevant content costs money and it’s up to us to figure out how to pay for it.

In addition to banner advertising (which we are really thankful for) and the standard affiliate-partnerships with such sites as Amazon, we have developed a simple “honor system” subscription plan that allows you the opportunity to acknowledge our efforts and help us maintain what we are doing in the English-speaking Greek world.

Many of you have suggested some form of subscription or a way to help our effort and this is the simplest way we could find.

An annual support subscription of $50— with no strings attached. You don’t get anything special, or even a tax incentive. We are not a charity. We are just trying to continue the work we are doing to provide hundreds of thousands of people every month with useful and sometimes critical information about something they care a lot about— Greece and the global Greek world.

What you do get is the knowledge that you are helping us along this journey, as well as our appreciation of your support.

Your “subscription” will go towards our continued dedication to development of new and compelling content for your entertainment, education and general information. Your subscription will also support expansion of some content platforms and the development of a news room which will bring you more news that is relevant to you.

Click below to show your support of what we’re doing.


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