Leon Logothetis: In Search of Global Kindness


While most of us (you included) are either on vacation, planning your summer vacation or just getting back from your vacations– one guy I know is planning a trip of a lifetime.

Adventurer and TV host Leon Logothetis is leaving this Saturday on a trip around the world on a yellow vintage motorcycle he’s named Kindness ONE. (Sort of like Air Force One, but kinder)

Pretty impressive, right?

Well it gets better. On his quest to prove that kindness makes the world go around, Leon is traveling with no food, gas, money or accommodations– relying solely on the kindness of strangers to get him from point A to point Z and everywhere in between.

Quite the feat, you say– but Leon is no stranger to such journeys. He’s done a cross-America trip, as well as a few cross-European journeys, but never with zero resources. His previous journeys have been broadcast in more than 100 countries throughout the world on channels like National Geographic.

Last year he drove from London to Mongolia– competing in a trek known as the Mongol Rally, while simultaneously donating a book for every mile he drove to a charity called First Book. That’s 10,000 miles he drove– and 10,000 books he donated to needy kids. (This journey is now a web series on his Huffington Post page)

With the exception of a boat trip across the Atlantic, which has already ben secured thanks to, yes, the kindness of a shipping company that is offering the trip gratis, the trip is across land. Los Angeles to New York… New York to Barcelona via boat… Barcelona to Turkey… Turkey to India… India to Vietnam… and Vietnam to Los Angeles, back again by boat.

The trip will take about four months. It will all be filmed and documented and transformed into a 13-part TV docu-series about kindness and its different manifestations in countries throughout the world. Watch the trailer here:

His sole goal is to connect with people and show that Kindness makes the world go around and while doing so he’ll be providing kindness of his own. Visit the website and follow Leon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

He’s encouraging his fans, family and friends to support his #inspirekindness campaign by helping the children that are impacted by Make a Wish International throughout the world via an Indiegogo campaign that includes perks and opportunities to ride in the motorbike’s sidecar and appear on the television show.

Leon is my new hero. Let’s help him #inspirekindness throughout the world on his latest journey.


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