How a Team of New Yorkers Raised Awareness for the European Refugee Crisis


Greek visual artist Georgia Lale led a team of New Yorkers— as well as Syrian refugees and returning volunteers from the island of Lesvos, in a performance/demonstration around New York on February 27th, the day numerous demonstrations were held throughout Europe for international #SafePassage day.

Lale and her team of artist/demonstrators donned orange life vests and walked throughout Central Park and the city, raising awareness and bringing attention to the tens of thousands of refugees who are arriving on Greek beaches every month.

The campaign, entitled #OrangeVest, is part of a city-wide effort by Lale to bring more awareness to New Yorkers about the problems facing the refugees who are fleeing war zones.

11 photos by George Xourafas from the #OrangeVest performance in New York City on February 27th


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