Greeks Shocked, Saddened by Tragic Death of Singer Pantelis Pantelidis


Greeks woke up to shocking news today that one of their beloved young music stars was killed in a tragic car accident.

Pantelis Pantelidis, a singing sensation who got his big break after becoming a sensation via YouTube, was killed in a car accident at 8:00am local time in Athens, on Vouliagmenis Avenue.

UPDATED: According to an official police report, Pantelidis was driving a Mercedes vehicle without a seatbelt at speeds upwards of 120-150 kph (appx 75-95 mph). Two female passengers in his car are in critical condition. The accident occurred when Pantelidis hit the guard rail in the Ellinikon stretch of Vouliagmenis Avenue and lost control of the vehicle.

Pantelidis quickly became one of the country’s most popular young voices with hit after hit, and numerous appearances in concerts for diaspora communities throughout the world.



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  2. Being married to a Greek, I have witnessed how hard this has hit the Greek community. My children know him and his music because Tina place it in the car all the time. Dealing with the death of someone is never easy, but when it is a tragic death of someone so young and by so many, it becomes harder to deal with. May he rest in peace and may all who love his music bring him immortality through his art.

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