Greek Culture Thriving Down Under and I’m a Fortunate Participant


Ahh to be Greek, or a lover of all things Greek in Australia these days.

Thankfully, because of Facebook, we can stay connected with things happening (literally) on the other side of the planet.

Pictures, posts— and the best part— live videos, bring us literally into the dinner dances, award ceremonies, dance demonstrations. All of the senses— sound and sight, acoustic. All that’s missing is taste and smell, but hopefully Mark Zuckerberg is working on that.

I’m fortunate to know a media guru in Australia named Kyriakos. He’s very well known in that country’s Greek media community and is one of my favorite sources of all that is Greek and Australian via his posts and live newsfeed.

In one week alone, I’ve watched Australia’s top Greek chef George Calomabaris cook at his fab restaurants with guest chefs from New York City and Greece, I’ve heard the enchanting sounds of the Pontian lyra from two of the most famous musicians of the Pontian genre, the Tsarouhides Brothers and just today, I actually danced along with the Viglatores dance group from my parent’s hometown of Hania who were in Melbourne for a series of performances and workshops.

I owe a bit of gratitude to Kyriakos. And I hope you’ll join me on this regular journey to Australia’s fascinating and robust Greek community by following his Facebook page.


Viglatores Dance Group from Hania in Melbourne



Tsarouhides Brothers – Pontian Legends



OMG Greek Week – It’s all about Greek Food



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