Greece has been on Oliver Stone’s Mind; Publicly Supports Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and a “New Greece”


Three-time Oscar winning director Oliver Stone— best known for his controversial portrayals of American political and cultural issues and conspiracies during the late 20th century— has chimed off on his Facebook page in support of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

While sharing a story by Mark Weisbrot, “Germany is Bluffing on Greece” from Al Jazeera America, he chastised the United States’ record with Greece, calling the history of United States involvement in Greece “disgraceful” and citing the Cold War an the military dictatorship, specifically.

He trashed the American media and encouraged his followers to not believe what you read about Greece and the economic crisis in American media.

He closes his post with a cheer for Tsipras’ Syriza government: “It’s clear there’s never been a real Greek government the people there could respect — till this one. I say ‘viva Tsipras!’ ‘Viva a new Greece!’ “.

Oliver Stone’s full post is here:

Been away for a while, 6 months in Germany, D.C., Hawaii, and Hong Kong, to make the Snowden movie. Without major studio support, it was difficult. But Open Road, an independent distributor owned by the AMC and Regal theatre chains, stepped up and pushed it through. Significant help came from Pathe in France and Universum in Germany, as well as other countries.

My Mom passed away in the last days of April at 94. One of the last things she said to me was, “I want so much this movie to be a success.” This is making me work harder than ever.

As a result of being buried in this editing process for the next few months, I can only post occasionally. But much on my mind lately has been ‘Grexit.’ I met Alexis Tsipras almost 2 years ago in Croatia. At that conference, we all knew he was the fresh-faced comer that Greece needed.
Mark Weisbrot, in this insightful article, “Germany is Bluffing on Greece,” gets to the heart of this crisis, so poorly presented to the U.S. public by our corporate media.

U.S. objective is a foul one — judging from our disgraceful history in Greece. (See “Untold History” Chapter 4, the real beginnings of our Cold War in ’47 – ’49.) Churchill, whose war this was, even admitted that Stalin kept his word to him, and didn’t support Greek rebels in the civil war against Churchill’s monarchists/fascists. This was followed by Nixon’s/Agnew’s crucial support for an ugly dictatorship in ’67 – ’74. (See the fictional movie “Z” for a dramatic intro.) It’s clear there’s never been a real Greek government the people there could respect — till this one.

I say ‘viva Tsipras!’ ‘Viva a new Greece!’

— and don’t believe what you read in the American media. I only wish Europe could separate itself from our empire-wide goals.




  1. Who cares what another Hollywood limousine-liberal thinks on anything? Perhaps he can singly try to right all the wrongs everyone has done to Greece by donating some money to the cause. He won’t. But for every tweet these ariheads put out, there are two tax attorneys working furiously to decrease their tax burden. Perhaps someone should start a new movement in Hollywood : “Shut Up and Dance!”

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