Franklin D. Roosevelt Encourages Greek Resistance


On June 10, 1943, the United States transferred a 173-foot anti-submarine patrol ship named King George II to Greece to aid in their resistance efforts. At the ceremony, President Franklin D. Roosevelt expresses hope that Greece will soon be liberated from the control of Axis powers. Listen to the President’s address here.



  1. Paul Katinas on

    Franklin D. Roosevelt gave this speech, like today, back on June 10, 1943. But he didn't live long enough to see Greece liberated from Nazi occupation. He was a true Philelline and was a member of the AHEPA organization as it was also Harry Truman. Hitler was baffled by the resistance of the small nation of Greece against Germany's Nazi forces and said "France fell in eight days to Germany why Crete is still free?" But the small island of Crete and the nation of Greece eventually were liberated and Hitler was proven wrong and Roosevelt was proven right. Greece was liberated despite Germany's superiority. Listen to Roosevelt's speech given on June 10, 1943, echoing his prophetic words.

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