For Anthoula


Today I should be thinking about the 3000 lives that were lost on 9/11… Or their families who still suffer the tragic loss of friends and loved ones day after day, year after year.

Or even the tiny Greek Orthodox church of St. Nicholas– the only house of worship that was destroyed in the attacks.

Instead, on the last day of my holiday on Mykonos, I walked into St. Kyriaki Church in town and lit three candles… One for my mom, one for a friend who is on a trip around the world and faces new challenges every day… And one for Anthoula.

We light candles in the Greek Orthodox tradition in memory of or in honor of someone… For health and protection. My candle for Anthoula is exactly for that– for her health, her protection and for God to continue to grant her many many years, stamina, determination, resolve and dedication to keep doing what she is doing to keep the memory alive of the three thousand people who perished brutally on 9/11– including her brother.

Anthoula has become an advocate for families, a board member of the memorial that is being built at Ground Zero and a huge mouthpiece for truth and memory.

Above and beyond all of that– she’s become a huge inspiration to me and a sister that I never had.

May you be well Anthoula. One of these candles is yours. May God repose the souls of your beloved Johnny and all the other victims.



  1. ManosVip Petrellis on

    Very Well Said .,..
    And to who ever you are God Bless you …

    The day before 911 I was on NY
    I wanted to go to the Twin towers that very Day.
    But Because my son was flying back from Greece I decided to leave and go back to Toronto

    My family got grounded in Halifax for almost 3 weeks…

    It was a day of terror in disbelieve
    Sock and Horror.

    Anthoula the Only statement I can make here about you after this incredible letter is.

    You have my Love and support
    And I am here for what ever you need.

    God Bless every life lost

    ManosVip Petrellis

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