(Video) Eurozone Leaders Meet in Critical Summit; Merkel: Currency of Trust is Lost


Eurozone finance ministers have passed the baton to the presidents and prime ministers of the 18 nations of the currency union, this after eurozone finance ministers failed to complete any agreements yesterday or today.

The European Union’s chairman cancelled a planned summit of all 28 European Union leaders that was originally scheduled.

Leaders say they are determined to try and find a solution to keep near-bankrupt Greece in the single currency on Sunday

Greek prime minister offered an honest compromise and threw a bit of a dig at the German and Scandinavian hardliners, insisting that an agreement is reachable— “if all parties want it.”

Angela Merkel says discussions will be tough because trust and reliability has been damaged, while François Hollande insists he will work hard to keep the eurozone together.


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  1. Pete Kouselas on

    Two things I wish, and that is, what ever the final out come is that it benefits Greece. And second is that Obama keep his nose out of Greece’s business. Obama has never had a kind word to say about Greece. The people of America are behind Greece 100%. I’m sorry but they can’t let Merkel rule the eurozone countries. You will never be able to trust Germany. History will back that up. God Bless GREECE.

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