Cretan Dance Cardio? Gus Kalathakis Has it down to a Science


Gus Kalathakis hates to run.

And that could be a problem for someone like him who is passionate about his health and works out regularly.

And cardio, after all, is critical to a well-balanced work out and the heart needs just as much exercise than the muscles do.

The Florida native is a personal trainer and nutritional coach.

Combining what he calls his two passions– Greek dancing and soccer, Gus has nailed the ultimate Greek cardio work out, complete with intricate Pentozali moves and all.

Check out Gus’s work out. And his Pentozali moves aren’t that bad either.



  1. I think your computer or internet connection may be slow Demetria. Looks spot on to me and teaching Greek dance is what I do ?

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