Carson, California City Council Rejects Ataturk Statue Unanimously Following Heated Debate and Protests by Greek, Armenian Americans


Following an hours-long debate and heated and passionate pleas from Greek, Turkish and Armenian Americans before the Carson City Council, the body representing the Los Angeles-area municipality voted unanimously to oppose erection of of a statue of Turkish leader Kemal Ataturk.

The motion was brought to the floor following loud protests from both sides and a series of speakers who recounted stories from their families. The controversial move to build a statue in the city’s International Sculpture Park drew international attention to the region.

One speaker, Aris Anagnos, representing Greek Americans in the audience spoke passionately against the proposed statue, asking the city council why they would erect a statue representing a leader of a country that fought against the United States in two world wars. Several Armenian Americans recalled stories of brutality perpetrated by Ataturk’s forces against their families.

Representatives of the Turkish side called Ataturk a visionary and a leader who brought reform and democracy to Turkey.

Mayor Zareh Sinanyan of nearby Glendale, California addressed the floor and concluded his statement by stating ”If you put Ataturk in that Sculpture Park, you should also find a place for Pohl Pot and Hitler,” a reference to the Cambodian and Nazi German leaders who committed atrocities and genocide in their respective countries.



  1. Erick Amirkhanian on

    Good. … Ataturk deserves nothing but a medal of coward ship. Down with you Turkey, down with you, I love you language and I love your culture and your food is great but you politics is shameful and filled with murder and genocide against Christians and Armenians. Shame on you Turkish leaders for denials and lies regarding the 1915 Genocide against innocent Armenians.

  2. The ONLY genocides that occurred/occurring from the turn of the Cen. until TODAY are those of Christians and innocent Muslim (i.e. Palestinians) populations at the hands of the Jew World Order thanks to AmeriKA’s support for all this. Just look at how we just allowed that murderous freak, NUTenyahu, from Isra-HELL go and degrade our nation yesterday in front on Congress. Israel and the US last year invaded the Ukraine, overturned the DEMOCRATICALLY elected leader and installed a JEW in power. As a result, the CHRISTIAN Ukrainians are being persecuted and many have been KILLED and ISRAELI military and companies are sprawling all over the Ukraine wreaking havoc there and NO ONE in the US Congress is saying anything about this! See Texe Marrs’ article “The People of the Serpent Return to the Ukraine” for more.

    Let’s get our facts fully straight here. Kemal Ataturk was a JEW who posed as a Muslim because he belonged to a sect of Crypto-Jews called the Donme. Also, the Young Turks were ALL MURDEROUS JEWS. These beasts posed a Muslims but, in reality, were Jews. Kemal was the cousin of another (in)famous Jew, Mr. ELEUTHERIOS VENIZELOS (Ben Selon) himself! See the works of Greek authors A.M. Papadakis and Νίκος A. Antonakeas (Α.Μ.Παπαδάκης στο έργο του «Βιογραφία Ελ. Βενιζέλου», ο Νίκος Α. Αντωνακέας στο τρίτομο έργο του «Φαυλοκρατία»).

    Eleutherios Venizelos was an agent of the Rothschilds of the Crown of England (see: “The Secret Government, pg. 2, by Count Cherep Spiridovich, 1926) who was ordered by Lloyd George in 1919 to send Greek troops to Asia Minor to “retake” Byzantium, basically, for the Greeks. However, neither England nor Venizelos believed in the Megali Idea because, in actuality, there goal was the set up the Greek troops for FAILURE so that they WOULDN’T take back old Byzantine lands–and that’s exactly what happened! After the Greeks defeat, Kemal allowed his troops to murder Greek troops as they attempted to flee Turkey for Greece.

    In a nutshell, the Jews and Turks are essentially the SAME people. 95% of the Jews today originate from the Turkic tribe of the KHAZARS (See Texe Marrs’ article “The People of the Serpent Return to the Ukraine” for more on this). Also, for more information on the Greeks, their REAL history, the power of the Greek language and for the truth about modern developments in the Greek political scene, see my new book, YOUR ACADEMIC GUIDE TO THE GREEK LANGUAGE, CULTURE & CIVILIZATION by John Kountouris, available on Amazon Kindle.

    • Andy Pantelli on

      Interesting Post, The most interesting Book on the Jews that I have read is The Invention Of The Jewish People By Shlomo Sand.

      Do the Jews, who descended from the Khazar’s, know? I don’t think so!

    • John,
      You know those little yellow pills? Start taking 2 at bedtime and let’s see if your delusions clear.

  3. Armenian hunter on

    The US belongs to Anglosaxons, Italians, Afro -americans and Chinese people. They founded this country. Others may fuck-off silently. Ataturk is a world class leader. A hero, a commander and a statesman. Most people do not know, General Trikopis, the commander of Greek forces in 1922, was visiting the house of Ataturk after his death every year, and memorizing him in front of his framed photograph. Both the great commanders, they know how to treat each other, when Trikopis was surrounded, Ataturk and Trikopis became friends, and he is sent to Greece after 1923. At this point, Armenians may remain silent with their ignorance and with their policies of their insurgent tribes and attacking teams to Ottoman villages and doing their genocide(they alleging they have been genocided by Ottoman Empire at that time) BULLSHIT! Take a look at the history documents.They have been forced to migrate, evacuated because of their agressive attitude in Empire. Empire can not be blamed for migration or evacuation. Today they are after a compensation or an indemnity land form Republic of Turkey. Kind a gold digger!!!

    • Ioannis Konstantinidis on

      Well, if usa belongs to those you are saying then a statue of a turk “reformer”, “hero” and “commander” has no place in the democratic state of California…
      About the lesson of history and trikopis (Trikoupis, you mean I suppose), keep them for yourself. We have been taught history lessons directly from the sources. From our grandfathers and grandmothers who survived the turkish atrocities and slaughters and from third party eye wittneses as consuls and ambassadors from USA, U.K. , Norway, etc…
      You deserve your salary although…

      • Hey Ioannis what the fuck were your soldiers doing in Turkish soil from Izmir and beyond. Greeks are the ones who invaded along with the English and French. THANKS TO OUR ANCESTORS WHO FOUGHT AND RID OF THE ENEMIES FROM OUR LAND. There were more deaths of Turks trying to defend then those who attacked. Get your facts right people.

    • You speak of the Genocide and call it “BULLSHIT” but in your country there are banners being raised honoring the killings of the Armenians.

      BTW your name says everything about you. When Native Americans called for their lands back and restitution be payed American society never once called themselves “Indian Hunter”. You know what you are? I’m not even going to call you a Turk because I know some that are great people and it would be a disgrace to even mention you with them. You are the lowest of the low your country can’t even own up to what they did so they pay off the US and Israel to keep quiet.

  4. Hollis Wagenstein on

    We are all entitled to our own opinions, but not to our own facts. Turkey did not fight against America in two World Wars. The failing Ottoman Empire sided with the Axis in World War I. Turks and Muslims suffered as hideously as Christians and other ethnicities in this vile and tragic conflict. World War I ended in 1918. The Turkish Republic was founded in 1923. You do the math! As for World War II, Turkey was not a participant in that conflict. Kemal Ataturk was a warrior, but he was far from a bloodthirsty tyrant. He was a staunch supporter of the rights of woman, and he established Turkey as a secular democratic republic that welcomed citizens of all faiths and creeds. I could go on and on, but it is tiring to defend Turkey against people who have never visited the country and who come to the table with their own agenda. Whether Carson City approves the statue or not, the story of the founding of Turkey is one of the great achievements of the twentieth century.

    • Helen Johnson on

      Yes we are. Failing Ottoman empire or current Turkey, it’s one and the same. Technically if you change your name, you are the same identity still. The Ottomans didn’t just fall off the face of the earth, did they? No they just changed their name. They sided with the Axis so again technically when America entered the war with the Allies, that is fighting against America. der! Kemal was not a warrior but a murderer, his idea of creating a new republic was by annihilating the original inhabitants (since Turks have only lived in Anatolia since 1050-1204 ) what he called the Armenian/Greek problem. Oh, he was a feminist was he??? Hitler made the trains run on time too!! But I’m tired of explaining to Turks what they have done wrong, when they just don’t want to see

  5. Hollis Wagenstein on

    Yes, the Ottoman Empire DID “fall off the face of the earth” and a secular, democratic republic began where none had existed before. It was much, much more than a name change. Turkey did not take part in World War II, they were adamantly neutral. It is difficult to answer invective with facts, but the success of the Turkish republic speaks for itself. Comparisons of Ataturk to Hitler and other despots are repugnant to Turks. Warriors fight wars, and wars are never polite. People get killed, and awful compromises have to be made. And nation-building is not something that gets done on paper alone. America… manifest destiny… native Indians… hello???? Turkic people have inhabited Anatolia for over 10,000 years, and when the Ottomans evaporated, the Turks fought fiercely to protect their homeland and establish themselves as a modern nation.

    • Ioannis Konstantinidis on

      Yes, wars are never polite. But here we don’t talk about casualties of warriors-soldiers. We talk about very well planned massive slaughters of people who were not fighting anyone. We talk about mothers and children and old people. Search about the “death walks” and the “labor batallions” where male christian ottoman populations were marching for miles and miles, under cruel weather conditions, with no food or proper clothes and nobody ever returned home. The only survivors were those who fled to Russia in order to save their lives..
      Turkic populations inhabited Anatolia for over 10.000 years? Could you please provide any scientific sources which can sustain such a theory? Turkic tribes come from Mongolia and have no relation at all with the native people of Anatolia and Asia Minor such as Kurds, Assyrians, Hettites and Greeks (and many others but for sure not turkic).
      After the appearance of the Selzuks and the Osmanlis, native populations were islamized by force, preferring to maintain their heads instead of their religion.
      And about another one myth about the prosperity and the Democracy of the Kemalic state. Non muslim populations were either islamized or deported or those who remained, gradually couldn’t stand the continuous pogroms of the turkish state and from a number of some hundreds thousands, only some hundreds remained in Turkey. Please don’t try to make comparisons between completely different meanings…

    • Ioannis Konstantinidis on

      ….And Turkey didn’t participate in the WW2, they were neutral. You are right.. They declared war against Germany and Japan only after the fall of the axis powers in February 23d 1945. A very “brave” move I would say.. When the oak tree is down any man can pretend to be a lumberjack…

  6. ATAWAY to go!!! Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks together prove STRENGTH with numbers against the Turkish propaganda. Longlive the grassroots movement. As opposed to Turkey, where, had this same debate gone on in public, people would have been JAILED for breaking “the law” and insulting Turkishness! The FREE world knows what happened. Simple acts like these, defending truth and justice, our leaders see that the only way forward is to face the truth and call turkey’s bluff on its brainwashing and bribery. They can brainwash their own, but not the rest of the world.

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