Brisbane Greeks Put Politics Aside and Stand with Greece, No Matter What the Referendum Outcome


Several hundred members of Brisbane’s Greek community gathered in King George Square in Brisbane, Australia to share their care and concern for their homeland.

And unlike rallies happening across Europe and the world, signs carrying “Yes” or “No” were absent here— replaced instead with Greek and Australian flags and messages of solidarity with the people of Greece, no matter what the outcome of Sunday’s referendum.

Participants chanted “Long Live Greece.”

Event co-organizer John Savva told the gathering he was not advocating a either a yes or no vote for the upcoming referendum.

“Australians have a proud history of helping people in times of crisis.

“If you can, go on a holiday to Greece. Tourism is the best way to inject money into the economy.

“Or buy a bottle of Greek wine or Greek produce to help.”

Organizer Dimitra Baveas said a humanitarian disaster was unfolding in Greece.

“We are putting politics aside,” she told the rally.

“We see you’re suffering, we see your need, we cannot sit by and watch you suffer,” she said.

“But I caution against sending money to friends and relatives over there until the banks reopen,” a reference to the bank closures and capital controls imposed by the Greek government.

Similar rallies were held in Melbourne and Sydney.


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