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One of the best gifts I’ve received in the  mail in a long time was the book “Thrive” penned by Arianna Huffington. Having spent an evening with Arianna in New York City a few weeks ago and sharing with her a lot of the things happening in my life recently, she said “Read it… and Begin to Thrive.” The book shares her vision for the creation of a “Third Metric” of success, dispelling the myth that we should only judge power and money as metrics of success. Arianna’s Third Metric involves personal happiness and personal growth. Thanks Arianna for this wonderful gift!

This is a must read. Get the book here.

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  1. George Anthou on

    Hello Gregory, I have not seen you for years but today I found “the pappas post! my wife and I are from Canonsburg and we
    Were regulars at the wonderful restaurant at the Mall years ago. I plan to retire from my law practice at the end of the year-50 years! I hope to hear from you. Incidentally, we have been to Crete and loved our stay at Hania. Heretzmous filee mou. George Anthou

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