After Laptop Discovery, Ancient Greeks Now Credited with Washers, Electric Sweepers— Even Selfie Sticks!


The internet is having fun with the latest buzz that an ancient Greek grave marker depicts a woman reading… a laptop— complete with USB ports. Numerous international media— from the UK to China and everywhere else in the world picked up on the hype and published their own hypothetical headlined stories about the “mysterious” object that had some people convinced that time travelers popped into 1st century BC Greece to introduce a Dell, or a Mac.

Well, some Greek graphic designers are having some fun with the revelation— and the world’s amazement with the “ancient laptop” and have created a variation of an ancient fresco— complete with a washer, an air conditioner and… another ancient Greek discovery that changed the world… a selfie stick!

There you have it… democracy, laptops, cheesecake— and the selfie stick! All Greek creations.

We had fun with Protagon’s post. Hope you do too.


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