24 Amazing Photos from a South African School’s Celebration of Greek Independence Day


The Saheti School celebrated Greek Independence Day. The private school— founded in 1974 under the leadership of George Bizos— operates outside Johannesburg with 1,300 students in playschool, pre-primary School, primary school and high school levels.

Lessons are taught in English at Saheti with an emphasis on the ethos and values of Hellenism.

The school motto “Know Thyself”, founded in ancient Greek thought, is at the core of the school’s ethos. Self-awareness is viewed as the starting point in every pupil’s life, without which human potential cannot be realized.

From an early age, children are encouraged to discover and build on their unique strengths. This basic requirement for success is what sets Saheti students apart as confident, independent thinkers and keen team workers.

Saheti’s students recently celebrated Greek Independence Day in grand style. (All photos from Saheti School’s Facebook page)


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