You Won’t Believe How Chicago’s Field Museum is Promoting their Latest Greek Exhibition


Hats off to the marketers of Chicago’s Field Museum for their efforts to get more Chicagoans to the epic exhibition “The Greeks: From Agamemnon to Alexander” that opened last week.


Image from TimeOut Chicago

With the help of some of the most creative and talented people on the planet, Illumivation Studios, (they’re the same team who installed the giant hot pink 16-foot bra on the Magnificent Mile during breast cancer awareness month)— a subway station on the Near North Side was transformed into the Trojan Horse.


Image by @CapitalEMunizzi via Twitter

Get your selfie sticks ready and hurry up and get there for your photo. The horse will occupy the Chicago Red Line station entrance (just across the street from the McDonald’s at Chicago Avenue and State Street) until New Years Eve.

Aptly enough, the exhibition opens with items from the Trojan War era– including a gold replica of Agamemnon’s mask, the Mycenean king who led the Greek soldiers to fight the Trojans and bring Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world and wife of his brother Menelaos, back to Greece.


Image from @LynnBecker via Twitter

To inaugurate the campaign, the Field Museum stationed two Trojan guards at the opening of the station, capturing the attention of unsuspecting commuters who turned to various social media to share the experience. The exhibition runs at the Field Museum until Sunday April 10 2016.

*The cover image used in this post is a fragmentary sculpture of the “self-crowning athlete” that might depict an athlete taking off his wreath and preparing to dedicate it to a god or goddess. The carving has also been interpreted as a metaphor of the Athenian people who chose to govern themselves through an early system of democracy—in essence, to crown themselves as their own leaders and determine their own destinies. We’re interpreting it our own way– as “hats off” to the Field Museum and Illumivation Studios for a great campaign.