When Headlines Spoke Volumes About Greece’s Role in WWII: Check Out These New York Times Headlines from the 1940s


Greece played a pivotal role during World War II beginning with its decisive “No!” to Italy in October of 1940, as well as the subsequent battles that took place when an ill-equipped Greek military pushed the Italians all the way back into the mountains of Albania and beyond.

Dozens of books have been written on the topic (Here are our 10 favorite for WWII history buffs)

Similar front page headlines appeared across America when the Nazis invaded in April of 1941 when Greek battles were in national headlines almost daily.

Check out these headlines from The New York Times from the war years.



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  1. Stupid Greeks helped the Europeans against germans in ’40’s, but Europeans,were re-enslaved, voluntarily this time, by germany inside the European Union!!!What a waste of time and lives!……

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