Lighthouse Volunteer Group Aiding in Beach Clean Up on Lesvos


Taking a break from rescuing people arriving on cliffs on Lesvos’ northern coast, volunteers from Lighthouse, a local relief organization partnered with local fisherman to offer some support to clean up efforts.


More than a half million people have used the sea to flee to Lesvos, leaving a huge negative impact on the environment on Lesvos where parts of the shoreline have turned bright orange from 25-foot tall mountains of life jackets that are left behind when refugees land.


Add to that the discarded rubber dinghies which are left useless, since they are usually pierced just prior to arriving at the shoreline.

“We clean the shores for the local community, of care for the environment but also to make it easier for boats to land on the cliffs and for people to reach safety on land. Having to climb over hills of punctured boats and life vests makes the landing even more difficult in these already steep, rocky shores on the north eastern coast,” Lighthouse said in a post on Facebook.


You can’t get to this remote spot on the shore by car, so Lighthouse volunteers filled deserted refugee boats with the life jackets, and brought them where garbage trucks can pick them up.

In the photos shared by Lighthouse, local fisherman Yorgos volunteered for the day, tugging rafts filled with life vests.


To support Lighthouse’s work on Lesvos with caring for both the refugees and the local community, please click here or see the group’s Facebook page.

*Photos from Lighthouse via Facebook



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