(Video) Tsipras Compares Cuban Revolution to Greek Revolution of 1821 to Hundreds of Thousands of Cubans at Castro Memorial


Under fιre from many inside and outside Greece for being the only European leader to travel to Havana for the funeral of Fidel Castro, Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras was invited to address hundreds of thousands of people who gathered for a memorial service of the late Cuban dictator.

“Freedom or death was the message of Greeks in 1821,” Tsipras told the crowd, comparing the Greek struggle for independence to Fidel Castro’s revolution, further praising Castro for transforming Cuba into an “international symbol of dignity.”


Many people turned to Twitter to mock the Greek prime minister, who has been adamant for his praise of Castro as a role model.

The hashtag #tsipras_at_funeral was used by dozens to poke fun at the Greek prime minister.

Meanwhile, some questioned the timing of the cost of the trip— €190.000 just for the fuel required for the Gulfstream V airplane to take the Greek delegation to Havana and back.


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  1. You have your gall to compare with “Revolution” 1953 Cuba with 1821 True Greek Revolution ;;;
    Not ashamed ore employee Kakia Time .. ;;; Do not KAPELOSEIS 1821 … !!! Unhistorical !!! It is sacrilege, grind KOKKALA OF HEROES 1821 ….
    Good orator you are what you say [the one you wrote on the paper] NOT going to change the history of the 1821 Revolution.
    See what they say Kolokotronis to the Revolution and the true, spiritual … and not the French, who abolished the absolute monarchy and was Social Revolution, the Republic came, correct this. And the Cuban “revolution” that was CIVIL WAR war against the Administration of dictatorial power, say a few words: Dictatorship Deliver [Batista] – Dictatorship receipt [Fidel] … again … Dictatorship REPUBLIC zero.
    While our own Revolution of 1821, was fair because it was the nation with another nation enemy was the tyranny of the Turks to the Greeks …. And fought for freedom, for the Republic, the National Assembly of Greece Constitution of 1834 ….
    They fought and fought and the match is not over yet, APE continues … Theodore again well that you said specifically what the Revolution was …. you do not have any relationship with the other “Revolutions”.

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