(Video) Shocking Footage of Turkish Coast Guard Trying to Sink Refugee Inflatable Captured by UK’s Channel Four


The UK’s Channel Four News captured shocking footage of Turkish coast guard vessels trying to— what appears to be— sink an inflatable dinghy filled with refugees attempting to get to Greece.

The video, reportedly taken on Friday, shows members of the Turkish Coast Guard attempting to violently stop one of the boats. At the start of the clip, two men, reportedly part of the Turkish Coast Guard, are seen pummeling the small rubber dinghy packed with refugees and migrants with two long oars.

Then, a larger coast guard ship circles the dinghy, creating large waves in what appears to be an attempt to sink the dinghy.


Peril at SeaShocking video appears to show the Turkish coastguard striking an inflatable dinghy carrying refugees and migrants in deep and dangerous waters.

The officers are under instructions to get the boats to turn back.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Friday, March 18, 2016


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