(Video and Photos) Oscar Winner Leonardo DiCaprio Jamming, Mykonos Style


The list of international jetset visiting Mykonos this summer seems endless… Actors and athletes, billionaire businesspeople and Brazilian super models… Add Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio to that long list of famous people who chose the “island of the winds” for his summer holidays.

For the most part, DiCaprio has tried to be incognito, wearing a tightly wrapped hoodie around his face (as if that won’t draw attention on a summer Greek island) and protected by a team of bodyguards.

But MykonosLiveTV has been able to capture some footage of the Hollywood star, eating at a local restaurant known for its steak and meat dishes…

As well as partying it up at a live concert on Psarrou Beach that featured Greek singer Antonis Remos and the Gypsy Kings.

DiCaprio is in the company of his blond model girlfriend Nina Agdal and a swarm of friends and bodyguards.

The actor and environmental advocate arrived on the island in a private jet, according to an anonymous tip by a representative of the airport authority who spoke to The Pappas Post on the condition of anonymity, since his job doesn’t allow him to speak of VIP arrivals on the island publicly.

In a series of photos captured by the Daily Mail, it appears the actor can’t let go— even during an excursion on a speedboat. He is covered completely in his hoodie and is spending most of his time texting or talking on the phone.



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  2. So annoying to see how you guys aren’t leaving him alone.

    We should feel kind of cocky about the fact that he wants to chill in our islands cause he feels good there. Because He feels the greek island love we all know about.

    But how can he feel away of the craziness of worldwide papaparazis, protected and relax if you are doing the same thing as the others? Why aren’t you guys different? Why dont we keep our good Greek vibez.
    Those vibez when we go to the beach, we drink our frapp eat karpouzi and party at night?

    That’s why he comes to the Greek island because we don’t annoy him, because there is no TV report.

    Its just him being like a normal human, like one of us, spending some quality time on the island asurrounded by his family/friends.

    You guys suck

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