(Video) Nike to Greek Athletes: Just Do It; Uses Crumbling Olympic Venues as Backdrop to Striking Ad Campaign


Four athletes in backdrops of crumbling and desolate venues are the focal point of a striking new advertising campaign launched by Nike in Greece.

In the ad, swimmer Eleni Hatzimitrou, Paralympic runner Michalis Seitis, NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo and pole vaulter Nikoleta Kyriakopulou each prepare for their respective sports.

Scenes of Athens 2004 Olympic venues that have fallen into disrepair serve as the set for each athlete when a voiceover in Greek:

“We will not be defined by circumstance.”

“We will not be undone by what is broken. We are more than our surroundings. We are the makers of our fate.”

Nike’s classic tagline, “Just do it,” follows as Antetokounmpo lands after a crushing dunk.

Watch Nike’s advertisment here:


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  1. Christina Colias on

    I’m sure Greece spent billions on the Olympics…seems quite sad and quite wasteful that those facilities are being left to rot.

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