(Video) Greek-Syrian Mayor and Refugees Bring Abandoned Tourist Village in Peloponnesos Back to Life


“I couldn’t believe it that I would have Greek citizenship, and be mayor of an area hosting refugees from Syria. Both as a doctor and human being, I would do everything to help people regardless of their origin.”

Nabil-Iosif Morad, the Greek-Syrian Mayor of Andravida-Kylini in western Greece, was born in Homs and grew up in Syria. At 17 he left Syria, establishing a new life in Europe, but his brothers and extended family are still in Syria.

In the Andravida-Kylini region in western Peloponnesos, a Greek summer resort that closed five years ago as a result of the financial crisis has been turned into a haven for more than 300 refugees.

“I held a meeting with the council and we agreed to bring them here, so they can spend their remaining time in Greece in good hands.”

Read Tania Karas’ full story for the United Nations High Commission of Refugees (UNHCR) here.


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