(Video) A Greek American Tribute to the Most Famous Greek Song Ever


Certainly many will agree that the song Never on Sunday from the film of the same name, could very well be the most popular Greek song in history.

The song was performed in the hit film by Melina Mercouri and was written and composed by Manos Hadjidakis. It’s about a prostitute working the Greek port of Piraeus who refused to work on Sundays and won an Oscar for Best Original Song.

The song went on to be translated and performed in dozens of different languages by some of the top singers and groups in the world.

Names like Dalida, Bing Crosby, Lena Horne, Doris Day, Andy Williams, Ann-Margaret, Eartha Kitt and Petula Clark scored chart topping success with their renditions.

The song was also recorded in German, French, Dutch, Yiddish, Polish, Serbian and several Chinese dialects— in all, dozens of languages.

Greek American singer Margarita— best known for her soulful singing on Greece’s television-music-reality show Fame Story several years ago wanted to pay tribute to Hadjidakis and Mercouri so she teamed up with friend and fellow musician Yiannis Goudelis to create a video tribute.

The music video was produced and directed by George Retelas.


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