(Video) EP President Says Tsipras Statements to Greek People “Untrue”, Calls Varoufakis Statements “Dangerous” and Suggests a Humanitarian Plan for Greece Might be Necessary


Calling Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras promise to the Greek people that they would be in a better bargaining position after a “no” vote in Sunday’s referendum “untrue” and Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis promise that banks would be open shortly after the election “dangerous,” President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz issued a stern warning to Greece in an official statement.

He also suggested that a humanitarian plan might be necessary to ease the suffering of the people of Greece as everyday life deteriorates.




  1. Sally Tournas on

    It is not what Tsipras or Varoufakis said that is a lie…it is the decision of those who are in a position to make things right and are insisting of holding the citizens of Greece hostage. Shame on you for such shoddy journalism and propaganda!! And shame on those in a position to put a “just” proposal on the table and open the banks immediately. That would bring relief to the people of Greece…rather than further suffering.

    • Totally agree Sally! Why is Schultz and Merkel worried about the Greek people now? They should have shown mercy earlier, not now! Too late folks… the bird has now flown the coop. Shame on them trying to insult the Greek people further by inferring they have misplaced faith in their leaders!! You are not invisible germany.. too many times you have tried to hurt Greece but this time it backfired… BIG TIME for EVERYBODY NOT JUST GREECE !!!!!!!!

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