(Video) A Five Decade Journey: NY Parish Completes Iconography and Shares Story on Film


Five hundred people— including Archbishop Demetrios of America, were on hand at the Church of Our Saviour in Rye, New York to see the premiere of the short film “Pistevo I Believe” that tells the story of the painting of the iconography in the suburban New York City Greek Orthodox Church.

Although originally built in the 1960s, the church never completed the full painting of the iconography and the walls were largely bare for decades, until members of the community sought to bring iconography to the walls of their beloved parish.

“Pistevo I Believe” depicts the vision and the journey of the community coming together through passion, commitment, and prayer, to complete the mission of Greek Orthodox Church of Our Saviour iconography that began 55 years ago.

The film is the result of a year’s effort by a group of professional documentarians and filmmakers, and sponsored by Michael and Robin Psaros and family. Through vivid imagery and insightful interviews, this epic film expresses why Greek Orthodox Christians honor the traditions of their theology and shares their spiritual experience with the Orthodox world.

Watch the complete short film here:


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