US Embassy Sponsors Greek Delegation to SXSW in Austin


Interactive technology companies, hundreds of feature films and documentaries, and thousands of bands and musicians are packed into the twelve days of the South by SouthWest Festival in Austin, Texas this week, also known as SXSW.

The streets of Austin are full of young professionals, entrepreneurs and artists discussing the next big thing, networking and pitching their ideas and projects.

Four Greek professionals are participating in the festival, conferences and events with the financial support of the U.S. Embassy in Athens.

Lida Mantzourani of Culturplay, Alexandros Nikolaidis of Tapely, Giorgos Karnavas of Heretic film production company, and Anastasis Diolantzis of Reworks Festival are promoting their projects and connecting with American and international counterparts, seeing to share their version of Greek innovation with the world.

The US Embassy is hoping to use this sponsorship to ultimately benefit the Greek companies and artists participating in the SXSW conference to build longstanding beneficial relationships with their US counterparts.


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  1. Art, music, and innovation know no cultural boundaries! Knowledge is a shared, global experience. It’s always such a positive thing when people from all over the world group together in one place to share ideas.

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