Unbelievable Photos of the Turkish Riots Against the Greek Community of Istanbul in 1955


On September 6-7, 1955 a carefully staged, government sponsored series of riots took place that caused irreparable harm to the Greek community of Istanbul, Turkey. The events, well documented by historians– Greek and Turkish alike, are detailed in this article by Speros Vryonis Jr.

The same author published a book entitled The Mechanism of Catastrophe: The Turkish Pogrom Of September 6 – 7, 1955, And The Destruction Of The Greek Community Of Istanbul. Below are several photos from various Turkish news archives that have only recently been made public.




  1. Simeon Mackrides on

    I have family that survived these atrocities. They had to emigrate to the US as a result of this very event. Although I would not have met and married Toula had not her parents come to the US, the fact remains, the Turks are blood thirsty savages. Just ask the Greeks & the Armenians.

    • Oh, so the Greeks were okay to come to Symrna to kill Turks but when Turks do it; it’s called blood thirsty savages ha? Human kind has done some terrible things in the past and still is doing terrible things. So get over it!

      • cahil cahil konuşmayın ya hahaha Greeks come to “SMYRNA” to kill turks hahahahahha bu hayatımda duydugum en komik şey sanırım ya

      • So how Greeks came to a region that lived there about 1500 years before you appeared on History Sema. It doesn’t make sense. Greeks were there couple millennia before you even exist as a race. If you read history (even from wikipedia) you ‘ll learn that a Mongolian war race came to the region and start slaughtering people throughout its hole Historical (hm 500 years doesn’t sound so historical but anyway) period. I would be really ASHAMED if i was coming from a country like Turkey that my FEW CENTURIES OF HISTORY was COVERED WITH BLOOD AND GENOCIDES…………and definitely WOULD BE ASHAMED TO COMMENT ON ARTICLES LIKE THIS. Let the world wait for your next hit

    • I would recommend you not to classify every Turk in the same way! I also bad memories about Greek people but don’t jugde them all same! Please watch out how you speak

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  3. My great grandfathers surname name was found in the Hellenistic archives of the 1955 Turkish destruction of the Greek community of Istanbul,, My Grandfather never spoke much about it,, but mum said that was the heart and pride of all the Greeks that fled for their lives. I would like to know more.

  4. Another shameful moment from our bizarre history. Yes it is pure ignorance and testesterone, like any other violence, caused and applied by any misguided crowd of the world.

    They are now shaping Turkish education system to even weirder levels, injecting more religion each day.

    May God give us all, some mental health. This is way too much violence and ignorance for our kids 🙁

    • It’s very good that you have courage to admit it, Hasan, only those, who admit and learn from their mistakes, can do great achievements. Give your children some secular education at home too so they understand what is right.

  5. Ignorant. Mindless. Savages. These are some words that come to mind when I see these sort of images. My mothers side is Armenian from Istanbul. They left Istanbul for Australia in the mid sixty’s, thanks to an ever increasing resentment towards minority Christians such as the Greeks and Armenians.

  6. The Turkish of the past and present are no different. They are savages and are terrorists. Judgment day shall come

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