U.S. Macedonians Target Obama Administration to Correct FYROM Name Recognition with Petition


A petition is circulating international social media circles, undertaken by the Pan-Macedonian Association USA aiming to right historic wrongs and reverse a Bush Administration Executive Order that recognized the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia as the “Republic of Macedonia.”

According to the petition, the Bush Administration thought in 2004 that by recognizing FYROM as Macedonia, the move would have brought stability to the region.

“The recognition of the F.Y.R.O.M. as “Republic of Macedonia” by the Bush Administration was intended to assist the stability in the country in relation with the Albanians, and other minorities. Instead of stability, the recognition of the country by the United States as “The Republic of Macedonia” assisted the ethnocentric Slav led government to use it as a tool to enact despotic laws and autocratic practices such as restriction of the Press and imprisonment of political prisoners.”

Furthermore, the petition states, “for various reasons, F.Y.R.O.M. continually provokes its neighbors and especially Greece. It has perceived the U.S. recognition as approval and encouragement for its identity theft and identity fraud. Since its recognition by the United States, as “The Republic of Macedonia”, the F.Y.R.O.M. has increased its inimical and provocative actions against Greece, driven by their ill perceived “national goals” of expansionism at the expense of Greece.”

The petition has over 13,000 signatures to date.

See the petition here.


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