Turkish Military Helicopter Lands in Alexandroupoli; Eight Crew Members Request Political Asylum


The Athens News Agency is reporting that a Turkish military helicopter has landed in Alexandroupoli in northern Greece with eight people on board who were immediately arrested by Greek authorities for illegally entering the country.

The eight people were on board have requested political asylum from Greek officials.

Local media reports indicate that the crew belongs to the faction of the Turkish armed forces that staged a coup on Friday night to topple Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government in Turkey.

More than a thousand people have been arrested and over a hundred are dead following a night of chaos throughout Turkey as the military attempted to take control of the country.

During the attempted coup, military officials said they staged the coup to restore “constitutional order” in the country and return it to secularism and democracy, a direct reference to Erdogan’s authoritarian stronghold on the country.

Eight people on board a Turkish military helicopter that landed in Alexandroupoli in northern Greece have requested political asylum from Greek authorities.


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  1. I’ve read on pronews.gr that threats from Ankara Turkey to Greece demanding their return have been issued and that the Greek special armed forces are on high Alert!!!!

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