(Trailers) Our Picks: Top Films to See at the New York Greek Film Festival


The impressive line up of films at the 10th anniversary New York City Greek Film Festival includes 15 features, 7 documentaries and a 15 short films. While it may be impossible to see all, we’ve picked 10 “must see” films from the lineup. Their trailers are below. Click here for the complete schedule.

Our top pick is acclaimed Greek director Manousos Manousakis’ Cloudy Sunday. The film’s Greek title is Ouzeri Tsitsanis and is based on the book by the same title by George Skampardonis. The film takes place in Thessaloniki in 1942-1943 during the German occupation, when a young couple, George and Estrea, fall in love. But in these strange times love between a Christian and a Jew is forbidden. The adventurous love story, caught between a brutal totalitarian regime and the absurdity of racial discrimination, finds refuge in the historic Ouzeri Tsitsanis, a taverna owned by the composer Vasilis Tsitsanis. There, the great Tsitsanis is going through his most creative years and composes his best known songs, among them the legendary Συννεφιασμένη Κυριακή (Cloudy Sunday).

Cloudy Sunday

Ursa Minor 

Journey Through Smyrna


Athens from Beneath (Get tickets here)


Alex and Eve (Get tickets here)

Blind Sun

Swing Away 


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