Toronto Wine and Spirits Shop Becomes “Destination Greece” for Greek Wines


For over a decade Steve Kriaris and his company, Kolonaki Group, has been promoting the modern wines of Greece in Canada in the most innovative of ways.

Through educating the consumer with constant exposure to Greek wine stories via social media, as well as introducing the palate with regional wine dinners at various restaurants throughout Toronto, to his innovative online shop Kriaris has become the biggest champion for Greek wines in North America.

Much of Steve’s emphasis has been the lobbying and educating of Canada’s Liquor Control Boards, which control the sale of wines and spirits in teh country (or LCBs) and most notably the LCBO, in his home province of Ontario.

Largely as a result of Steve’s efforts, the LCBO has selected Greece as the flagship country in its new “Products of the World” campaign at the LCBO shop located at 200 Danforth Avenue.

The massive exposure that Greek wines will receive is critical for a country and an industry that is reeling from years of recession and financial crisis and the fact that its happening in one of the biggest cities in North America is a huge push for Greek wineries.

Consumers will now be able to find over 90 wines and spirits from all over Greece, creating the largest selection of Greek wines available in one store outside of Greece.


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  1. Good but the story doesn’t tell the…… complete story. The Danforth is Greek Town so this move smacks of business opportunism and nothing more

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