The Good Friday Lamentations Sung Like You’ve Never Heard Them Before— By Greece’s Golden Voice, Glykeria


Although she’s best known for her popular and traditional Greek music that brings thousands to their feet to dance, Glykeria has also spent a great deal of time singing Greek Orthodox church hymns. She even recorded a CD dedicated to the hymns of Good Friday called O Glyki Mou Ear, taken from one of the lines of the lamentation hymns. Her passion for these hymns comes from her upbringing, in the Northern Greek village of Agio Pnevma, near Serres, where both her grandfather and father were chanters in the village church.

Glykeria sings I Zoi En Tafo from Good Friday 


Glykeria sings Ai Genai Pasai from Good Friday 


Glykeria sings Axion Esti from Good Friday 


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