Spending time with the next generation


One of the reasons why I surround myself with young people is to experience their youthful energy and to keep my own ideas fresh and contemporary. Another reason is to impart upon them as much know-how and expertise as I can on matters of common interest.

When I first met Aristotle Loumis, I was amazed at his dedication to philanthropy and his personal commitment to making the world around him a better place.

He launched a company, together with his partner Chris Grigoriou, that combines his passion for philanthropy and fashion into one and makes a whole lot of difference half way around the world.

Ellison Sunglasses, named loosely from the Greek word Elios (sun) is Loumis’ brainchild. In a nutshell, you buy a pair of sunglasses and with your purchase, you give cataract surgery to someone in a developing country.

Today, Loumis is on a different journey– one to visit as many charities as possible in a time span of just a few weeks, taking with him a camera crew to shoot the experience. His goal is to launch a series of trailers or mini-videos about the various charitable offerings the city and region have to offer young people.

Loumis “Charity Marathon” as he’s calling it is a way to inform people about the charities and their activities and to encourage volunteerism and support.

This is all done on his own time, with his own resources. And this is what is so amazing to me. Instead of climbing corporate ladders or selfishly focusing on himself– this early 20-something member of the “me-generation” is focusing his energies on everyone BUT himself.

For me, that deserves my time, my support and my personal dedication to his cause.

Here’s a story we published in The Pappas Post about Aristotle’s Charity Marathon, and an earlier story about Ellison. If you’d like to support this young man’s efforts, consider purchasing a pair of Ellison Sunglasses and simultaneously give sight to someone far away.


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