Some Christmas Decorations to Greekify Your Tree


Here are a handful of our favorite Greek-inspired ornaments to spruce up your Christmas tree with some Greek flair. We’ve also added all of them to our very own shop here for easy ordering.


ornamentsHand-blown Glass Greek Man and Woman

Hand-blown Italian-made glass ornaments honoring the traditional Greek national costumes. The De Carlini family has been hand-blowing glass ornaments for three generations and are an Italian treasure. Get a set of these treasures here.

santorini-santaSantorini Santa

Santa’s got Santorini on his robe and the Parthenon on his staff… and of course, the required Greek-key trim. Grab a Santorini Santa while supplies last.

santa-acropolisParthenon Santa

Who needs a tree when you can decorate the Athenian Parthenon— complete with Christmas wreath and all. Not sure if the Ancient Greeks had a chimney, though. Get yours here.

acropolisGlass Parthenon

This beautiful glass Parthenon is hand-crafted in Poland from a long tradition of glass ornament makers and features a gold and silver glittery version of the most famous temple in the world. Get yours here.

greek-keyGreek Key

A beautiful set of Greek-key ornaments complete in Christmas colors will Hellenize your tree. Get a set of 14 here.

boatA Greek Boat

Greece— a nation of seafarers, are well known for decorating boats on Christmas. Cities light up huge boats in their harbors and decorated boats are lit up with festive lights. Here’s a beautiful blue and white boat you can add to your holiday collection, or even place on your tree, to add a little Greek-tradition to your home. Get yours here.

polishedGreek Santa

Another gorgeous handmade ornament, made in Poland from some of that country’s top glass-blowers depicting an all-Greek blue and white Santa. Get yours here.


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