Republican Presidential Candidate Bobby Jindal Thinks Greece is Killing Democracy


Republican presidential candidate and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal thinks Greece is killing democracy. In back to back tweets, he lobbed attacks at Democrat presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton, suggesting that their policies would turn America into Greece.

In a follow up Tweet, he says Greece is “showing us how to kill democracy”.

And because embedded tweets are often taken down by regretful Tweeters, we thought we’d share a screenshot of Jindal’s rants against Greece.




  1. Maria Daldavanis on

    The reactions of Merkel are understandable and expected. History WILL remember her (predictable) reactions this week.
    My parents were immigrants; one from Smyrna, 1922- and another set of grandparents were found starving in their beds on the Island of Samos at the hands of German brutality, WWII.
    Greece WILL prevail. We always have – and politicians remarks like Jindal are based on ignorance. I can’t and won’t waste my energy on him. Maria

  2. Gewrgios Rigas on

    That gentleman (Bobby Jindal) should not rise the question of democracy, as he doesn’t seem to “know” the subject. And it seems he doesn’t follow what is happening in Greece. And he wants to lead the USA. “God save the USA. The near future will show to him how wrong he is…..

  3. Unfortunately ignorance like yours is what is destroying Democracy. If you have ever read a book you would know that what we practice here in America and in Greece is not true Democracy. It hasn’t been in a long time. Greece WILL make it through this crisis. We have always been a strong people.

  4. Steven Kalabokes on

    Mr Jindal is a typical right wing idiot. I think he needs to think more about his state of Louisiana then at taking pot shots at Greece. His approval ratings in Louisiana are running at 33% and the state deficit is at a record high of $1.5B. I truly don’t think he knows what Democracy is. Public Referendums are the highest form of Democracy of which we bed more of here in the U.S. To bypass the dysfunctional, non-representative Congress.

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