The Power of Study Abroad in Greece


The power of a community is when we can all come together for a common cause. In my opinion, there is no better cause right now than education. More specifically, study abroad in Greece.

More than 20 years ago, I studied abroad at the American College of Greece in Athens. To say the experience changed my life would not only be cliche, it would be an understatement. The experience shaped my future. It transformed me and resulted in being the impetus for everything I do today in our community.

This is precisely one of the reasons why I founded the Greek America Foundation and why these types of travel/education experiences continue to be the cornerstone of the organization’s mission.

Since launching our academic and pre-professional programs in 2010, the Greek America Foundation has granted almost $250,000 in support for almost 50 students participating in our internships, fellowships and study abroad scholarships. Of these fifty, about a dozen have been part of our “Hellenic Legacy” scholarships which offers the equivalent of full tuition for a semester at the American College of Greece in Athens.

Seeking to enhance and expand our program, we’ve launched an effort this year to “crowd fund” our next two scholarships— to get YOU involved by offering anyone who has an extra $25 in their pocket the opportunity to be a part of changing someone’s life— forever.

Our goal is simple— to find 1,000 people who will donate $25 to our effort to crowd fund two scholarships. In simple— that’s a group of people coming together, each offering a small part of something that will turn out big.

Please consider adding your voice and becoming a piece of this important puzzle. Click the link to add your name and support. And help us enlist more people. Our power is certainly not only in numbers. Our power comes from our care and concern for our community and the young people who seek to thrive in it. Will you help them?


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